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  • Welcome Message from our Admin

    Welcome to the Zillion Forum.

    This short post will give you a small orientation of our Zillion product family, as of today.

    Our websites:

    1) Zillion Coin: our own SpreadX11 coin with innovative wallet functions:

    2) Zillion Grid: Our implementation of patented technology "Hybrid Blockchain Network":

    3) Zillion Servers: Generate steady income operating one of our 3 class Service Nodes:

    4) Zillion API: Develop your own applications using our network via the API:

    5) Zillion Software Factory: Turnkey Zillion Grid Enterprise Software Applications:

    Our Forum Channels:

    1) Start Here - Welcome to the Zillion Army
    2) Zillion Coin - Blockchain and Wallets
    3) Zillion Coin Mining - GPU Cards and Mining Software
    4) Zillion Coin User Nodes - Crypto Savings Hardware Device
    5) Zillion Grid - What is the Zillion Grid
    6) Zillion Grid Server Nodes - Serious Income Opportunities
    7) Zillion API - Integrate your own Apps
    8) Zillion Software Factory - Turnkey Software Applications

    Don't forget to join our Zillion Army ( and be part of the Crypto Revolution. Membership is free and if your profile is in good standing, you will be able to submit your candidacy for one of the many jobs we will have available soon. Remember there is strength in numbers

    Also: there are (or will be) constant scam efforts by unscrupulous lazy asses who prefer ripping people off instead of innovating. Remember NOBODY from the Zillion Team will ever ask for any money, donations, private keys, wallet files or anything else. We communicate through our official channels only, listen and updated here:!

    Please report any fraudulent postings, websites, emails or anything else that looks fishy. We will put it on our "Wall of Shame" for eternity:

    Zillion Greetings,
    Your Admin